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Ian Haight is the author of Celadon, winner of the First Book Prize in poetry from Unicorn Press. With T’ae-yŏng Hŏ, Ian is the translator of Red Rain on a Spring Mountain: The Complete Poems of Nansŏrhŏn (White Pine, 2025); Homage to Green Tea by the Korean monk, Ch’oŭi (White Pine, 2024); Magnolia and Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim—listed as a notable book in translation by World Literature Today and a finalist for the American Literary Translators Association’s Stryk Prize; and Borderland Roads: Selected Poems of Hŏ Kyun—finalist for the Korea Literature Translation Institute’s (KLTI) Grand Prix Prize. Ian is also the editor of Garden Chrysanthemums and First Mountain Snow: Zen Questions and Answers from Korea.


Ian was a co-organizer and translator for the United Nations' Dialogue on Poetry series in Pusan, Korea; was given a Citation for Translation Excellence from KLTI; and has won five grants from KLTI, the Daesan Foundation, and the Baroboin Buddhist Foundation to translate, publish, and edit classical Korean poetry and Buddhist literature. He has been a vegetarian and practiced meditation on a daily basis for over thirty years. Ian currently lives and works in Germany.

Ian's writing has placed in or won several other award contests, including Ninth Letter's Literary Award in Translation, the SLS and Pavel Strut Fellowships, and Atlanta Review and River Styx competitions. His essays, poetry, interviews, reviews, micro-fiction and translations have appeared in literary journals and periodicals in Korea, Europe and North America, including Writer's Chronicle, Barrow Street, Hyundae Buddhist News, JoongAng Daily News, MoonPark Review and The Poetry Review (UK).

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