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"Dispensation, I," "Shenzhen" and "Sleet Ghost"

     Stickman Review

"Dispensation, II"

     New Feathers Anthology

"Mandala Diety"


"Gulag and Tourist Bus, 2017"

     decomP magazinE

"Feather Bones of Wax" and "Detroit"

     MAYDAY Magazine

"Meditation in My Dining Room," "信 (Faith)," "Lunar Corona"

     ZiN Daily (Croatia)

"For Nechung, in Tibet," "The Eminence of Practicality," "While Rooming at a Japanese Rice Farm," "Miaoli Ashram," "In My Bedroom," "As if this were Celadon"

     MAYDAY Magazine

"Doing the Work of a Bullock, You are Cut in Half"

     The Good Men Project

"Near Gupo Station"


A Chinese Migrant” and “A Manager Mining in China

     Stickman Review


Flash Prose

"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" (scroll to bottom) by Ch’oŭi


"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" by Ch’oŭi


"The Divine Life of Tea" by Ch’oŭi

     mercury firs

"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" by Ch’oŭi

Translator's Note

Source Text


"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" and "Epilogue" by Ch’oŭi

     Moonpark Review


"Silk Skirt Song: Given to Magistrate Choi" by Yi Tal


"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" (poetry flash) by Ch’oŭi


"Palace Poem" by Nansŏrhŏn


"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" (poetry flash) by Ch’oŭi

     Cider Press Review

"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" (poetry flash) by Ch’oŭi


"Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea" and "Epilogue" (poetry flash) by Ch’oŭi


"The Emperor Holds Religious Services at a Shrine to Heaven" and "Remnants: II" by Nansŏrhŏn

     ZiN Daily (Croatia) 

"Walking Heaven," "Poem Written in a Dream," "Remnants: VI," "Remnants: VIII,"and "Small Lingering Joys: IV" by Nansŏrhŏn


"For My Elder Brother to be Exiled on the Borderlands" and "Small Lingering Joys" by Nansŏrhŏn

     Underwater Railroad

"Lament of the Castle Builders," "Going to the Frontier," "Lament for Children," "Small Lingering Joys: II,"  "The Young Singer, Maksu" by Nansŏrhŏn


"Lament for Children" by Nansŏrhŏn


"Remnants: IV," "Lakeside Song: I" and "Small Lingering Joys: I" by Nansŏrhŏn

     Sublunary Review

"Falling Blossoms" and "River Journey" by Yi Tal


“An Alluring Encounter,” “Seeing Star Temple,” “Mulberry Mountain,” “The Poem” by Nansŏrhŏn


“A Peddler’s Song,” “On Shim, Maeng-gyoon’s Painting,” “West Hill Song,” “Sending off a Palace Maid to a Taoist Temple” by Nansŏrhŏn

     Loch Raven Review

“Regretting a Certain Emotion” and “To a Childhood Girlfriend” by Nansŏrhŏn


“At the Courtesan Houses,” “Resentment in Women’s Quarters,” and “Sensations of Spring” by Nansŏrhŏn

     New Orleans Review

“A Wandering Family’s Bitterness,” “A Poem for Gathering Rice Grains,” “Inspired by a Monk’s Poem,” “Cutting Barley,” “A Story of My Hometown” by Yi Tal


“October 1231, Passing by ‘Growth of Humanity’ Temple,” by Hyesim


“Singing Moon,” “Sending Tea with an Answer to a Question,” “October 1231,” and “Water Clock” by Hyesim

     Loch Raven Review 

To My Reflection,” “Replying to Chon,” “Mid-Autumn, Enjoying the Moon,” “Instead of Heaven or Earth, I Answer,” and “Pure Pond” by Hyesim

     Portland Review

"Magnolia, the Lotus of Trees," "Leaving Home to Enter the Priesthood," "Plantain," "Curves of Incense," "Saying Goodbye to a Monk," "Replying to Mr. Kal's Poem," "Again, a Poem Given at Departure," "Borrowing a Poem Written on a Wall," "Water Clock" by Hyesim
     Peony Moon

"The Poet," "The Scenery," "Moving Day for Pale Green Colors," and "The Poetic Life" by Ahn, Do-hyeon

     Apple Valley Review

"Crossing Iron Mountain River"  by Hŏ Kyun

     Asheville Poetry Review



Connect with Everything

     MAYDAY Magazine


     The Mezzo Cammin Women Poets Timeline Project

Translating Past into Present: A Poem by Hŏ, Nansŏrhŏn


The Reader and Gary Snyder's Writing Craft 

     Writer's Chronicle

A Sijo Poem in Translation



Charlie Bondhus' Divining Bones

     Yes, Poetry

Empty Cup - Dennis Maloney

     Full Stop

Blackbirds in September: Selected Shorter Poems of Jürgen Becker

     ephemeral artery


Tzveta Sofronieva, Pt. 1 by Ian Haight


Tzveta Sofronieva, Pt. 2 by Ian Haight

     minor literature[s]

Charlie Bondhus by Ian Haight

     Full Stop

Ian Haight in Conversation with Dennis Maloney

     Empty Mirror

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